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Robert & Laurie discuss their Malinois: "Thor"

Thor is our second Belgian Malinois. Like Jack, our first Malinois, Thor loves his family and is incredibly bonded to us. Both of our dogs are very intelligent, high energy and very good looking. The markings and colouring is very different between the dogs but regardless of where we go they both attract a lot of positive comments about looks and behaviour. Both dogs did very well in training classes and Thor is now in an Agility Class. Thor shows no hesitation to learn new pieces of equipment at the class. Thor is socially adjusted and is friendly towards greeting new people of all ages and dogs of all sizes. I attribute this social behaviour to the well balanced first 9 weeks he was with the Belgian Breeder's family.

At nearly 10 months of age, Thor loves to play with his orange ball and enjoys play time with neighbouring dogs. Right from day one Thor has been in good health and we don't hesitate to recommend purchasing a Malinois from Belgian Breeders.



Mitchell discusses his Malinois: "Xena"

Xena has and will continue to go every place we can possibly take her. She's a little nervous around people until they get down closer to her level, but she warms up to them very quickly. She has been to the dog park a few times for some good socialization and to meet new friends which is needed. The first couple encounters she was a little snappy towards the big dogs, but again warms up quickly.

I guess for me the breed has really touched my heart, as a ex-Service Member (Canadian Armed Forces) this breed has perhaps saved myself and countless others lives on numerous occasions. They have used these dogs to sniff out explosives and for protection. It really makes your heart drop the first time you see the dog sit (indicating there are explosives in front of them), and doing it all for a rubber ball, a game to them but for us, life savers. Watching your back in a crowd so no one comes to close. Finding weapons and explosives that would have for sure been used against us. A highly trained dog and when on the job, 100% focus for a job that not many want. A few of the many reasons I love the breed and have always wanted one. I have decided to try my hand training her to detect as well, not explosives of course. She is already showing a lot of instinct for protection, very alert and just by incorporating commands to her actions I feel she will not be to difficult to train and I will take pictures and videos of her progress and share them with you.

Thank you for the great addition to my family she is in great hands.



Nelson discusses his Malinois: "Dexter"

We picked up Dexter in March 2017. When we arrived at Belgian Breed's farm, he was running around the yard with his Mom and Dad (such beautiful dogs). We met the owners and very quickly realized that raising Belgian Malinois was their pride and joy. We talked for a long time and discussed how Dexter was raised and his temperment. I knew this was going to be a difficult time as they were so attached to Dexter. After an hour or so we said that it was time for us to head back to Ottawa. They said if you're not happy with Dexter you can bring him back no problem, no questions asked. I assured him that a new pup was a commitment for us and that Dexter will be part of our family. I was just in the process of posting to China for work and advised that Dexter would be joining us. The drive home from Bancroft was very exciting, poor Dexter who was only a couple month old started crying as he was missing his doggie parents and the Belgian Breeders'. We brought Dexter up to the front of the vehicle and he relaxed and fell asleep.

Dexter has brought great joy and happiness to our family and is most definately a family member. He is very alert, attentive and always watching over us, but tempered with kindness and silliness. We made a great decision getting Dexter from Belgian Breeders and have recommended them to a number of people over these past months.




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