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The Belgian Malinois (pronounced mal-in-wah) is a distinct breed, and is often mistaken for a small German Shepherd. Their native country, Belgium, is home to four herding breeds that vary by color and coat type. Named for the town of Malines where they originated, the Malinois is the short-haired variety, adept to both protective-based duties and family environments.

    Belgian Malinois Characteristics

   (1 = low, 5 = high)

     (How easily they deal with change)

    Affection Level
     (Amount of warmth or friendliness displayed)

    Barking Tendencies
     (Frequency of vocalization)

    Child Friendly
     (Tolerance of playfulness and the alike)

    Dog Friendly
     (How tolerant they are with other breeds)

    Exercise Needs
     (How tolerant they are with other breeds)

    Grooming Needs
     (Frequency of brushing and the alike)

    Health Issues
     (Frequency of health issues with the breed)

     (Breed's problem-solving ability; not trainability)

     (How lighthearted and spirited the breed is)

    Social Needs
     (Preferred amount of interaction with humans/dogs)

     (General inclination to protect the home)

     (Breed's willingness to learn new tasks)


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